PassSaver 大更新服務公告

為了安全,我們將暫時停止網站開放,且會重新替網站改寫程式碼一陣子,為了帶給用戶更安全服務功能,我們將在2019 - 09 - 25 重新開放網站,造成不便 請見諒~

In order to be safe, we will temporarily stop the website open operation, and will re-rewrite the program code for a while, in order to bring users more secure service function, we will reopen the site in 2019-09-25, causing inconvenience please forgive me ~


  • 漏洞獎勵(Bug Bounty 會繼續開放嗎)? - Vulnerability Reward (Will the Bug Bounty remain open)?

    我們目前已經暫時停止Bug Bounty 計畫,在未來我們會考慮開放獎金計畫。

    We have now temporarily stopped the bug Bounty program and in the future we will consider an open bonus program.

  • 網站為什麼要維護那麼久? - Why should the website be maintained for so long?

    因為PassSaver 的系統架構非常複雜且龐大,因此我們要重新改寫及使用先進技術搭配需要一定時間。

    Because PassSaver system architecture is complex and large, it takes some time for us to rewrite and use advanced technology to match.

  • 如果我有相關問題,我要怎麼聯繫? - How do I get in touch if I have a related question ?

    請聯絡官方電子郵件:[email protected]

    Please contact official email: [email protected] .